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GasScouter G4301 Analyzer

Picarro GasScouter
Picarro GasScouter
Picarro GasScouter
Picarro GasScouter

The Picarro GasScouter G4301 is a new-generation, light-weight, portable, battery-powered cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) gas concentration analyzer in a rugged backpack shell.

  • Simultaneously measures methane, ethane, carbon dioxide and water*
  • Portable, lightweight and low power
  • 23 pounds (10.4 kilograms)
  • Up to 8 hours of rechargeable battery operation
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Mobile soil flux system available
  • Optional GPS

GasScouter is a perfect mobile solution for high-precision greenhouse gas measurements in the world’s most challenging, remote environments. The GasScouter simultaneously and continuously measures CO2, CH4 and H2O concentrations over a wide dynamic range, enabling effective background and emissions measurements. This makes it ideal for natural gas leak detection and for exact quantification of greenhouse gas from biogenic and anthropogenic sources, especially in remote locations.

Picarro G4301 GasScouter
Picarro G4301 and 4302 GasScouter
Picarro GasScouter

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GasScouter Accessories

Picarro GasScouter Accessories enable precise mobile measurements far off the grid. The GPS Kit includes an antenna and module which quickly and easily install via one of the two USB ports. Complementary software allows GPS parameters to be included in the raw data file, which can be exported to KML format for mapping with Google Earth. The Mobile Soil Flux System includes a stainless steel gas flux chamber with quick connect-disconnect fittings that attach to the GasScouter gas inlet-outlet ports. Complementary software computes CO2 and CH4 soil flux measurements in real-time on a mobile tablet or smart phone.

Picarro GasScouter_Accessories

Patented Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

(CRDS) Technology Picarro patented CRDS technology enables an effective measurement path length of up to 20 kilometers in a compact cavity, which results in exceptional precision and sensitivity from a small foot print analyzer. A meticulously designed small optical cavity incorporates precise temperature and pressure control. The result is an analyzer that delivers a best-in-class combination of precision, accuracy, low drift and ease-of-use.

Allan Deviation Plot

Picarro GasScouter_CRDS

The Picarro GasScouter G4301 analyzer has a built-in WiFi card to connect with a tablet or smartphone for viewing its web-based graphical user interface (GUI) in remote locations. You can also connect directly to a computer by USB port.

Picarro GasScouter_tablet

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Picarro GasScouterPicarro GasScouterPicarro GasScouterPicarro GasScouterPicarro GasScouterPicarro GasScouter